Farm Focus Roadshow

5th June 2024 - 30th July 2024

Join us for the 2024 Farm Focus Education Roadshows!

We will cater a variety of delicious meals throughout the day, so please inform us of any dietary preferences or restrictions you may have. Get ready to engage, connect, and be inspired by new knowledge and networking opportunities!

The morning session will delve into optimising your monthly processes. You'll discover effective tips and tricks to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and consistency, ultimately saving you valuable time. In the afternoon, we shift our focus to financial management skills, including creating and maintaining budgets and performing stock reconciliations using Farm Focus. Additionally, we'll explore the extensive suite of reports available in Farm Focus and how to leverage them to gain deeper insights into your business.

We're excited to see you there and help you elevate your skills!

Farm Focus financial management software is built by farmers, for farmers. We’re helping New Zealand’s farmers lead the world in efficient, sustainable agribusiness by providing the tools, integrations and information they need to make the right calls for their business.

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