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Between us, Farm Focus and Rabobank have over 150 years’ of combined experience supporting the farming sector. We’ve now partnered up to offer Rabobank customers a 6-month free subscription to Farm Focus.

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Why Farm Focus? 

Understand your true position & make informed decisions

With Farm Focus, gone are the days of guesswork. Our platform provides you with crystal-clear insights into your farm’s financials, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately.

Navigate uncertainty & opportunity with confidence

Change is the only constant in farming. Farm Focus equips you with the tools to adapt and thrive, turning potential obstacles into stepping stones towards your success.

Plan & manage for sustainable success

Farm Focus helps you not only envision a successful future for your farm but to make it a reality through careful planning and effective management. Matching high performance with profitability.

Features for farmers

Explore features that help farmers like you monitor, plan, manage and
connect to your farm businesses.

GST filing

GST is automatically calculated by Farm Focus and you can file directly with IRD through the software, saving you time.

Working plan

The Working Plan is a living budget showing actual and planned cashflow which you can compare with your budget as the year progresses.

Financial reporting

See the bigger picture. Farm Focus financial year reporting gives you an easy-to-understand overview of your clients’ cashflow and performance, simplifying loan applications and reports.

Built-in reports

Built-in financial reporting gives you an easy-to-understand overview of business cashflow and farm performance.

Draft scenarios

Draft Scenario tools allow you to create and test future scenarios with your clients and build robust plans to manage what the future can bring.

Performance reporting

Generate reports and evaluate your clients’ farming-specific KPIs against benchmarks and the broader market.

Farm Focus financial management software is built by farmers, for farmers. We’re helping New Zealand’s farmers lead the world in efficient, sustainable agribusiness by providing the tools, integrations and information they need to make the right calls for their business.

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