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*You receive one free management tag with your subscription. Additional management tags can be purchased for a discounted price of $150 (+ GST) each until 2023, after which they revert to the normal price of $300 (+GST) each.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What support is included?

Includes 0800/1800 phone, chat and email support between Monday – Friday 8.45am – 6pm NZT. Our online HelpCentre is always available with videos, FAQs and searchable information.

How does the demo work?

The demo runs for 7 days. Access to the demo will expire after seven days, but you can purchase a subscription at any point during this time.

Once the demo has expired, any information you’ve added will be removed and you can start again by selecting another demo.

What do I need to run Farm Focus?

You’ll need a reliable broadband internet connection.

What types of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit and direct debit. (Direct debit payments are collected by GoCardless).

What's the $1 transaction for when I sign up?

When you sign up for a paid subscription to Farm Focus, a small $1 pre-authorisation charge is made on your credit or debit card to ensure your card is valid. This charge is void immediately when it’s made so you are never actually charged. This pre-authorisation charge may show in your account for up to 14 days, then it will be removed altogether.

Add on to your Farm Focus plan

Once you have a Farm Focus subscription you can add on an Additional Subscription or a Focus Limited subscription, from within your Farm Focus account.

Additional Subscriptions*

Have more than one GST registered business? With an Additional Subscription you will still receive all the features listed above at a reduced price.


Excl. GST Billed annually


Excl. GST Billed monthly

Focus Limited*

A Focus Limited subscription is perfect for entities that handle a limited number of transactions and invoices each year, like farm trust accounts.

*Additional Subscriptions and Focus Limited can only be purchased alongside a Farm Focus subscription.

To purchase an Additional Subscription or a Focus Limited subscription, log into Farm Focus and select your farm name at the top of the screen, then Add New, and follow the prompts.

For more information, see our help article.