Getting the best out of Farm Focus and PaySauce

When you use PaySauce with Farm Focus you’ll find it so much easier to keep up with payroll standards like payday filing and all the other things the IRD want you to do!

PaySauce was built by people who know on-farm life and work, and includes features such as prompts when minimum wage top-ups are required and farm-specific employment agreements. After each pay-run, payroll details are seamlessly transferred back into Farm Focus and auto-coded to the correct wage, PAYE and KiwiSaver codes.

Watch the video to find out more about getting the best out of Farm Focus and PaySauce.

What our customers are saying

“We have two full-time employees. Back in 2019, I realised I was getting out of my depth with managing the complex legal compliance side of paying them which wasn’t fair to them, or us. With constantly changing rules and complex calculations I decided it was time to look into getting a payroll system and settled on PaySauce. I love the way they communicate their information online and it helps that they understand farming – as in these people speak my language!”

Virginia Marshall / Farm Focus & PaySauce customer

“PaySauce is definitely a cost-effective tool that saves time and money, when you consider the amount of time spent every week remembering to do your filing, keeping track of time sheets and the need to be across all leave possibilities involved when filing. Special Leave, holiday pay or days in lieu have to be accounted for and these are covered off automatically by Pay Sauce which provides peace of mind for me because I know we’re compliant.”

Juliette Allen / Farm Focus & PaySauce customer

Farm Focus financial management software is built by farmers, for farmers. We’re helping New Zealand’s farmers lead the world in efficient, sustainable agribusiness by providing the tools, integrations and information they need to make the right calls for their business.

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