Strengthen your relationships with your farming clients and help them reach their financial goals. Farm Focus gives you flexibility in your practice to work with individual clients in the way that best meets their needs. You can support clients as they budget and forecast, or your clients can use Farm Focus to take control of their budget and involve you when they need expert advice. Either way, managing farm finances has never been easier!

On the same page

Get more from your client meetings when you share a common view of the farm financials. When everyone sees the same information – available in real time – you can be sure you’re helping clients make informed decisions.

Smarter insights

The real strength of Farm Focus is in the depth and quality of information available for forecasting and making planning decisions. You can be sure that you’re providing advice based on robust financial forecasts.

Add value

Use tailored farm management reports to add value. For example, livestock reconciliation is captured as part ofbudget cashflow. Show your clients how a change in stock numbers will affect productivity and overall business goals. Try out different scenarios to help them plan forward for livestock decisions.

Gain time

Automated data capture saves time. Invoice scanning capability means less time chasing paper, with invoices stored alongside transactions.

Worry-Free Security

Farm Focus is fully cloud-based, eliminating time wasted on file transfers and backups. Enjoy improved data accuracy and security.

Easy export to General Ledger

It’s easy to export transactions out of Farm Focus to import into APS, MYOB, CCH iFirm, or Xero.

Accountants Adding Value

Join us at the table: Accountants conference

In this recording, rural specialists, Lawrence Field and Geordie McCallum share their valuable experience and insights on helping farming clients achieve their financial goals.

They discuss how to maximise value using the unique features of the Farm Focus workflow and enhance conversations with farming clients using insights from Farm Focus.

What professional partners are saying

“Our rural customers require a specialised farm management package and for me Farm Focus is one application that stands out. Unlike regular accounting software, Focus includes essential features designed specifically for farmers such as production analysis and a livestock inventory. Farmers can forecast and model anticipated revenue using unique features such as the dairy forecaster.

“Farm Focus has been developed to meet local needs, and is also ever-evolving to stand the test of time.”

Cheri Henreksen / MCI & Associates

“I prepare budgets, manage GST, pay wages – anything a customer requires in the office space and this where Focus does the hard work for you. The application meets the needs of today’s farmers who run often complex operations requiring instant information access from anywhere.

There’s a real advantage in being able to save invoices behind the bank transaction – everything is paired up which makes end of month less stressful. Best of all I run a paperless office now – all the information I need is automatically saved in the system.”

Sue Miller / Rural Secretarial Services

“Building a budget is much easier because all the information we need is right there securely saved in the system. We don’t need to contact the client to find invoices or receipts saving down time both ways.

“The Stock Reconciliation Report is another plus. Stock numbers are an important part of a farm budget. Knowing exactly what has arrived or left the property at any given time is essential, especially so in relation to National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) compliance requirements.”

Aaron Allred / Rural Business Chartered Accountants