Farm Focus simplifies your journey to profit

If you’re thinking of buying into farm financial and management software, we recommend doing your homework.

You wouldn’t purchase a 20-year-old tractor without checking it over! Make sure you do the same when it comes to buying software on your journey to making a profit for your farming business.

Here are a quick few things you should know about Farm Focus, as quoted by our legendary Customer Support Team.

Have you bought a new motorbike and want to give it its own code? Save yourself money and time by doing it yourself on Farm Focus.

If you have any further questions, just pick up the phone and call our team on 0800 888 080 (New Zealand) or 1800 351 781 (Australia.)

The Economic Farm Surplus (EFS) report is an accrual view report that measures the physical and cash performance of your farm, with KPI’s specific to you.

Gone are the days of printing and filing documents, the paperless office workflow that Farm Focus achieves ensures you and your accountant stay up to date. Easy to find, all in the one place.

Keep your livestock reconciliation one step ahead. All your stock can be set to age automatically at the end of the financial year
= time saved in the office!

Your information is downloaded straight from Farm Focus into Xero (or any other accounting software you use). That can happen whenever you like, just give your accountant access.


You pay an annual subscription and that’s it. Our support team helps you get fully up and running, we’ll train you along the way. You don’t need help outside our free support.


Farm Focus is a complete software package for farmers. You don’t need anything else to keep your farm finances and planning in order.