Reporting Access

Reporting access

A new access level, "reporting access", allows a user to view, but not create, edit or delete data. Ideal for bankers and others who require read-only access to Farm Focus.

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Repeating invoice

Repeating invoices

You can now set up a repeating invoice so that a new invoice is generated according to a schedule (e.g. monthly).

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Customise your tax invoices

You can now add your farm business logo and customised messages to your tax invoices.

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Easily create invoice coding rules

It’s now simple to create and edit invoice coding rules from within the invoice form.

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Batch Payments

You can now export a single batch payment file from Cash Manager Focus to pay multiple invoices at once. This is available to customers of ANZ, BNZ, Rabobank, ASB and Westpac.
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Searching for completed transactions

Its now simple to find any completed bank transaction. From the Completed view you can search for transactions by the payment date, amount, or any other field.
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Sort coded lines in your GST return

You can now sort the coded items in your GST return by date, code, other party, description, amount or GST type, making it easier to find a particular transaction or review your GST return.
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Livestock Trading Report

If you’re a drystock farmer you can now report on the net production (kg/CW) per effective hectare of your farm business. Find out more

Improvements to the Cashflow graph

Now you can see an indication of your overdraft limit and how your plan is tracking i.e. are your OD funds sufficient?

GST Direct Filing

You can now easily file your GST returns directly to IRD through a secure connection. Find out more