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Virginia and Kyle Marshall

Virginia and Kyle Marshall

PaySauce – know you’re compliant!

Virginia and Kyle Marshall, and their family Brianna 16, Mikayla 14 and Caleb 12, have managed a 50/50 sharemilking business in Rongotea, 20 minutes west of Palmerston North, for the past fifteen years.

The couple run 370 crossbred cows on 139ha with a target of 150,000KgMS each year supported by a traditional spring calving system with a DairyNZ classification of System 4. Virginia says this season has been exceptional for the couple with a record milk production of around 162,000KgMS with only 8% empty!

Both grew up in the dairy industry – Kyle in the Waikato and Virginia in Rongotea. Kyle worked his way up through the industry via the traditional pathways of farm assistant, herd manager, farm manager and lower order sharemilking and Virginia has a Bachelor of Applied Science (BApplSc).

Virginia says planning ahead is crucial and, having used the old Cash Manager application for around twenty years, the couple recently switched to Farm Focus. While still new to the application she says she is finding her way around and really looking forward to setting up invoice automation which is going to save so much time.

She says there are other advantages such as the integration with PaySauce and she is already a fan.

“We currently have two full time employees - one has been with us for ten years, the other fourteen years. Back in 2019 I realised I was getting out of my depth with managing the complex legal compliance side of paying them which wasn’t fair to them, or us.

“With constantly changing rules and complex calculations I decided it was time to look into getting a payroll system and settled on PaySauce. I love the way they communicate their information online and it helps that they understand farming - as in these people speak my language!

“It was an absolute no brainer to sign up and I have never looked back - my only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner because all the hard work is done for you."

Virginia says using PaySauce has been an amazing help. “It’s a really comprehensive package that gives me great confidence we’re compliant … doing everything right!"

She says the Pay Sauce customer support team have been fabulous by phone or email. “We recently made some changes to our staffing situation and having all the details in one place to look back on has been helpful.

“I have total confidence in Pay Sauce which is well above my level of understanding. You don’t know what you don’t know, so having PaySauce gives me peace of mind that we are meeting compliance regs plus, the application frees up my time to do other things.”