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Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton

Winton farmer Roger Hamilton has been using Farm Focus Ltd (formerly CRS Ltd) software for over thirty years and while, at first glance he wondered if the switch to Farm Focus would be complicated, it was effortless – “moving was simply a matter of pressing the button and the process was seamless.”

Switching to Farm Focus – easy as!

Roger says the Farm Focus Support Team are also there to support and they are an invaluable tool.

“I can’t speak highly enough of their professionalism. I have always felt listened to. It can be a challenge when you are not quite sure of what you need and when I do ask a question, they have a recommendation immediately. In all the years I’ve been a customer I’ve never felt ignored and have always received excellent service.”

Roger runs 1000 Friesian/Jersey cross cows in two mobs, on his 336h effective ‘Stranraer Farm’ near Winton, and fattens beef, bulls, dairy (R1s/R2s) plus winters cows on a 345h runoff block at Castlerock.

While land use and population numbers have changed considerably in the Northern Southland area, Rogers family have farmed at ‘Stranraer Farm’ for 111 years so he’s not a new-comer to the district!

He says he switched his farm businesses to Farm Focus because it is the complete package for the times, and it is always evolving. “I enjoyed the previous application, but time moves on and you need to keep up with technological changes.

“There are plenty of advantages having switched but being cloud based must be one of my favourite features. I can access the system anytime... from anywhere!

“It’s marvellous for me as I move around a lot. I can be in Wanaka or Dunedin ... anywhere business takes me and go in and update information or check on detail from months, or maybe years ago in no time.”

He says scanning invoices (in PDF) directly into the system and knowing that invoice will be saved and available indefinitely is a great step forward.

“Security is also important for all business operations and Farm Focus provides that extra layer of assurance when account hacks and intellectual property theft is becoming more sophisticated, and more common.

“Knowing the package will keep up with modern business requirements in how we work is also important and I look forward to tweaks and adaptions over time. Right now, it appears more banks are coming on board which is great. This will enable us to make batch payments directly to the bank.”

Right now, Roger says Farm Focus suits his needs and can only get better as the application has been future proofed, as in designed to keep abreast with an ever-evolving tech sector.