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Nicola Manchester

Nicola Manchester

Timaru based HC Accounting Manager Nicola Manchester says the company has a large segment of rural customers and, coming from a rural background herself, she understands the financial and hands on aspects of farming … both sides of the fence as it were.

She says while Farm Focus continues to be a company favourite their clients are free to select their own software and we support them accordingly.

“Farm Focus is a company favourite because everything is included under the one log-in – you only need to purchase one application so there’s no add-ons to pay for and most importantly Farm Focus is user friendly … not too complex for users to pick up.”

Nicola says having just one application with full capabilities provides customers with the option to use as much or as little of the software as they need. “With a wide range of farm types and sizes it stands to reason customer requirements will differ greatly and this is well catered for within the Farm Focus package.”

She says having remote access to her customers business accounts has made a positive difference for both parties. “When a customer ticks the box to allow remote access, we are able to maintain overview and see how they’re tracking without either party having to leave home.

“Recent increases in fuel prices and normal time restraints make logging into a clients account remotely with them cost effective – at the end of the day we’re both looking at the same sets of accounts in real time without the travel burden.”

And she says GST is a simplified for Focus customers – “all the information we require is already saved in the system and, even if a mistake is made this can be corrected during the next period without the usual hassle.

“Being able to quickly file using MyIRD log-in is the icing on the cake.”