Lucy and Tim Mouat - Farm Focus

Lucy and Tim Mouat

Lucy and Tim Mouat

Hawkes Bay farmers Lucy and Tim Mouat have used Farm Focus software, since taking over Springvale Station three years ago as part of a family farm succession plan.

Lucy says they looked around and were open to suggestions about a financial management package when their accountant Bevan Condin of Baker Tilly Staples Rodway in Hawke's Bay suggested Farm Focus would be a good choice because the software was designed and developed here for New Zealand farmers. “Plus, the software is regularly updated so we’re not going to find ourselves using an out-of-date application.”

It's the one of the more basic tools that Farm Focus delivers which Lucy loves the most. “The invoice scanner is a simple but really helpful feature. Most of our invoices arrive by email so I tend to scan them into the system straight away, and photograph any which arrive in the post and scan these in as well.”

“There’s a lot of satisfaction to be had in matching saved invoices with your bank feeds and, with no print outs required, my plan of moving to a paperless office is quickly coming to fruition!”

Lucy says being able to provide remote access for their accountant and the bank was another time saver. “Both can now maintain an overview without leaving their offices and, with all documents already stored in the system, I’ve found my relationship has become more positive with no more ‘please find receipt’ calls. We’re working together in a more positive way.”

Lucy says because Farm Focus is easy to use, she is more inclined to jump on every day. “I can chip away at coding for example which means I’m pretty much up to date instead of having a mad end of month rush. On-going learning is also an important part of the Farm Focus deal. I’ve been to a number of local seminars which have been handy for picking up tips and meeting other users in a similar situation.”

“The company itself is super supportive and it’s true they really do provide after sales support. A staff member called recently just to see how we were going and if we needed any help. There’s a dedicated Customer Support Team who are great because they understand farming and their product which is a double bonus.”