Andy and Lou Macklow - Farm Focus

Andy and Lou Macklow

Andy and Lou Macklow

Waipukurau sheep and beef farmers Andy and Lou Macklow switched to Farm Focus just over a year ago and Andy says he’s happy with the move - in fact, he says he has been advising friends to do the same!

Farm Focus – just do it!

“I’ve told quite a few mates to just hurry up and get on with making the switch! The process is simple, and Farm Focus really does make a difference to the amount of time you need to spend in the office.”

Andy says there are several pluses but working in real time is particularly helpful. “Farm Focus is cloud based so you’re working with the latest information every day. Reconciling is definitely much easier because the programme is clearer and really quick to use. If I have some spare time I can hop on and do say 10 transactions at a time, and they’re there locked in the system ready to go. Previously I entered the invoices all in one shot at months end which was time consuming, and there was always a chance I’d miss a vital piece of paper.”

He says being able to drop in and quickly correct detail is also a time and hair saver!

“Previously I had to trawl back through masses of paperwork to locate an input error, even for a miniscule amount, before I could reconcile. With Farm Focus it’s the opposite. It takes a few seconds to go in, correct and move on!”

Andy and Lou farm two blocks in partnership with Andy’s brother and sister-in-law Jeremy and Kate Macklow. The first is used as a fattening block ten minutes out of Waipukurau and the other is a breeding block out on the coast towards Porongahau. 

Andy says working in partnership across two properties depends on clear communication and, because Farm Focus is cloud-based, we’re able to access the latest information from anywhere on either block. “We can be on the farm and check figures or enter new information - in fact, we can log in from anyway which is really helpful.

“I’m definitely a fan and as I’ve already said… just get on, make the change now and reap the benefits for the next financial year.”