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UFB: Makes homework faster

UFB: Makes homework faster

Brian Eccles is the managing director of Masterton business Cashmanager RURAL.


He says Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) is at the core of the business, which employs more than 50 staff.

“We’re a major employer in Masterton and are incredibly dependent on broadband – it’s been hugely beneficial to this business,” he said.

“Cashmanager RURAL is a piece of farm management software that is used to keep banks informed and assist the accountants to help the farmer run their farm a bit more efficiently.

“We’ve got about 50 people here developing software, and it is online and cloud-based software, so everyone in the business is using cloud software all day, every day.”

He said the most significant benefit of UFB to Wairarapa businesses was that people would be able to work faster from home.

“Some of our staff live in South Wairarapa, and some work from home.

“Being able to have absolutely immaculate broadband for them is huge for a business like us.”

Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce Chair Sean Stafford said the UFB rollout would ensure Wairarapa remained a “compelling proposition” for businesses looking to relocate to provincial New Zealand.

The chamber’s new general manager Catherine Rossiter-Stead said it would open up more business opportunities especially for contractors, small businesses and anyone who worked from home.

“UFB will take away yet another barrier to economic development as we continue to attract new businesses to the region.”

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