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The farm office – small changes can make a big difference!

Two screen set up

The farm office – small changes can make a big difference!

Getting in and out of the office quickly and efficiently is always the plan but … in reality something usually gets in the way.

While working online with customers I’ve noticed quite a few are working with a small screen and have to enlarge their screen, as in zoom in on their monitor to view detail and zoom out again, to see the next column which time is consuming and inevitably leads to confusion.

Two screen set up

If you need to zoom in and out of the page you’re working on now is a good time to think about replacing it. Big is better and a double screen is the business!

Get the biggest, high quality screen you can afford then set up your existing screen or iPad, as a second screen alongside where you can check emails, view online demonstrations or helpful tips at the same time. If you use a laptop you may need a docking station but check this out with your supplier – they’ll let you know if one is required.

Operating two screens, recently cited as improving productivity by 25%, is a much more efficient way to move around documents you’re working on and will ultimately help get you back to the real job waiting on-farm.

It’s a small thing but the two screen approach does save time and effort.