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Testing times

Testing times

I try where possible to keep an open mind but can’t help feeling ….. in all my years in the farming community there have never been so many issues facing farmers, and a government so unwilling or unable to provide clear guidelines and direction for rural businesses to work towards.

A high percentage of farmers have already taken steps to meet the challenge of environmental impacts, while more have work underway, but new regulations have been designed for the old stick over the carrot approach. If new regulations rewarded investment in practices which decreased emissions or created other positive environmental impacts farmers would feel more engaged and rewarded for their efforts.

And while I’m on a roll … the areas of excellent farmland going into trees makes me sad. Sad for the land, sad for the community, sad for world food supplies and for the environment. As it stands there are no winners – no I am wrong! The offshore owners of our land, who are taking the carbon credits back to their home country, are the winners totally at the expense of New Zealand Inc.

I wonder too if the drive for ethical investment needs a re-think now Putin has raised the stakes. Investment in arms and associated tech has never been popular but how the worm can turn in a short time …but then those of us with grey hair have seen it all before.