Just switched to Farm Focus?

Have a look through these frequently asked questions.

I’ve just switched – where do I start?

We have plenty of resources to help you get up and running in Farm Focus. Click the green text to open the help links.

How do I get my accounts to balance in Farm Focus? I was balanced in Cashmanager Rural.

Balancing in Farm Focus takes away the need for manual reconciling that you did in Cashmanager RURAL, and automates the process going forward.

When you switch from Rural to Focus you will probably find that your bank balances need to be reconciled, even if they were reconciled in Rural.

The quickest (and recommended) way to complete balancing after switching is to open the Balancing tab in the Actuals screen and click on the Accept Focus Balances button, which fills the month end balance for each month for each account.

Read our help article for some quick fixes to get your balancing back in order.

The invoice scanner hasn’t read my invoice properly.

In some cases, the invoice scanner might not pick up all the information in your invoice automatically, but the good news is that it will get better with practice! Watch our video for more detail on how to correct any missing information and train your invoice scanner. Don’t forget you can pause the video at any time, or adjust the playback speed from the cog wheel at bottom right if you need to watch more slowly.

My invoice hasn’t come through from the invoice scanner.

Usually invoices scanned into the invoice scanner appear in Farm Focus within minutes. However sometimes they are a little slower, this may be due to internet speed, or the particular device used to scan. Please be patient – your invoice will arrive within 24 hours at the most.

Why can’t I select invoices for my bill payment file?

If the invoice you are trying to select for your bill payment file is unavailable, there are a couple of things to check.

It may be that the system has not recognized the other party’s name. This occasionally happens even when the name appears to be displayed correctly on the invoice. To fix this, simply open the invoice, click on the Other Party field, and re-select the other party’s name from the drop-down list.

Alternatively it may be that the payee’s bank account details have not been entered correctly. To check this, go to Settings / Contacts, and open the payee’s details. You can edit their bank account details at the bottom of the form.

For more information about exporting a bill payment file from Farm Focus, have a look at our video tutorial.

My stock opening numbers have not migrated properly from Cashmanager Rural to Farm Focus. What should I do?

Open Cashmanager Rural, find your opening livestock numbers and print these out if required. In Farm Focus you can update these numbers from within your Working Plan. Go to the Settings cog, select Livestock and update the Livestock numbers for each stock class as required.

Read our help article for more information about amending your opening livestock numbers.

My Farmlands invoice amount does not match my bank transactions.

This could be because some items have been credited back, or paid for in-store since the statement was issued. Open the invoice, find the item and click the three dots menu at right. You can delete the item from here.

Read our help article on working with your Farmlands statement.

How do I match an invoice to an already coded transaction?

Sometimes you might code a transaction instead of matching it to the corresponding invoice. This means the invoice will continue to stay in the Needs Action screen until it is matched to a bank transaction.

Read our help article to see how to match your invoice and remove it from the Needs Action screen.

How do I delete a working plan?

Once a draft has been set as a working plan it can’t be deleted, however you can over-ride a working plan by setting a new draft plan as your working plan.

Draft working plans can be deleted from the three dots menu to the right of the working plan.

Read our help article about working plans  

How do I send an invoice directly from Farm Focus?

It’s not possible to send an invoice directly from Farm Focus, but it’s simple to download it and attach it to an email.

Watch this tutorial about creating and sending invoices

Why can’t I deactivate a code?

You can deactivate a code from within Settings / Codes / Farm Codes. Find the code you wish to deactivate and select the three-dot menu at the right of the code where you’ll see the option to deactivate. If the option to deactivate is not available it is likely because the code is included in a planned item. Codes included in planned items cannot be deactivated.

Why haven’t my coding rules migrated from Cashmanager RURAL?

Coding rules are not migrated across to Farm Focus as they have been designed differently, to making coding even simpler. There are two types of coding rules in Farm Focus: invoice coding rules and bank transaction coding rules, and these are set up differently.

It’s easiest to set up your coding rules as you do your coding, that way the rule will pre-populate with the details from your invoice or transaction.

Read our help article about creating coding rules for invoices
Read our help article about creating coding rules for transactions

How do I delete or edit a coding rule?

You can delete or edit a coding rule from within Settings / Codes / Coding Rules. Find the rule you wish to edit, then select the three-dot menu to the right of the rule.

Read about editing or deleting a bank transaction coding rule

What is Team Viewer and how do I download it?

Farm Focus uses TeamViewer to be able to provide remote support. This allows our support team to view what you are viewing on your computer screen, and to  talk through any issues you are having and assist you with Farm Focus functionality.

Read our Help Article about how to install Team Viewer.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please visit our Help Centre.