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Putting you in the driving seat

Putting you in the driving seat

Planning is a vital part of running a business and being a weather dependent industry, farmers face an additional challenge when trying to predict and map how a season will run. Weather events so far this year provide a good example of how your plan can be thrown out of whack which will in turn affect budgets for the same period.

Getting your plan down on paper puts you in the driving seat by identifying where a challenge might come from. Stock prices, weather, and feed availability can be ball parked but external factors such as staff shortages, delivery delays and essential commodity shortages are factors you have no control over but can equally affect business.

Having a plan now for what may happen in the future is being prepared. Some details may change but the information you have already built in will provide a head start when deciding what to tweak and when.

This is where our customers have an advantage! Farm Focus is an efficient planning tool that’s more advanced than other software currently available because Focus was designed for this task.

It’s easily navigated because users can drop in and out and make tweaks without having to repeat the whole plan, and then print!

Best for the season ahead. Brian