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Profitability in challenging times

Profitability in challenging times

While finance is still available in the agri-sector there’s been a recent upswing in reporting requirements as banks request more detail to support lending decisions.

This is where Farm Focus steps up! Focus provides banks and lending providers certainty that their client’s business plans are solid giving Focus customers an advantage in meeting these extra expectations. Focus provides planning and monitoring support for the business owner and key stakeholders such as other lending institutions and environmental agencies.

These capabilities make Focus a key farm financial tool in a testing environment. Knowing where you’re headed and being prepared to weather whatever comes your way is a crucial part of farming. It’s one of the few businesses where challenge is always expected, but how it presents is unknown until arrival!

If you’d like to know more about how to maintain profitability in these challenging times now’s a good time as we have a series of Master Classes and Workshops underway which are a step up in delivery from our road shows.

The new format is not so much ‘how to use Farm Focus’ but takes closer look at the theory including principles and processes for driving change and improvement through good management practice.

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Best for the season ahead.