Accountants and Consultants 

Farm Focus empowers farmers to take control of their farm financials, letting you focus on adding value. Improve efficiencies in your practice and strengthen client relationships. Enjoy helping your clients reach their farm financial goals and see into the future.

Get more done by working online with Farm Focus
Automated data improves accuracy and eliminates data entry.

Be More Productive
Get more from your client meetings when you share a common view of the farm financials. Better business solutions tailor-made for farming businesses.

Add Value
Enjoy seeing your clients achieve their financial goals for the farm and family. Farm Focus allows you to send information to your general ledger and integrates directly with PaySauce and more.

Worry-Free Security
Farm Focus is fully cloud-based, eliminating time wasted on file transfers and backups. Enjoy improved data accuracy and security.

Strengthen Client Relationships
Use Farm Focus as a management tool. Farm Focus enables you to show farmers how they are tracking.

Provide instant reporting
Use tailored farm management reports to add value and be proactive. A timely adjustment made today may pay dividends at year-end.