Product Updates 

Entering non-financial events in the Livestock Plan

Now you can record actual non-financial stock events directly into your Livestock Plan, making it easy to see the impact on stock reconciliation numbers straight away. Find out more »

Creating a working plan

Now you can use the actual and planned items in your current working plan for more scenario planning and forecasting options. Find out more»

View or hide non-operating costs in the EFS Report

In the EFS, you can now choose to view non-operating costs, such as loan repayments, personal drawings or the sale / purchase of machinery, providing a fuller picture of your financial position. Find out more »

Filter the EFS Report by management tag

Get the big picture view of costs and income across specific business areas when you filter the EFS report by management tag. Find out more »

Editing a planned item in the Livestock Plan

You can now edit the stock class or stock event in a planned item, making it quick to update, or fix any mistakes.

Livestock Reconciliation Report

The Livestock Reconciliation Report offers a summarised annual view of stock movement on your farm.

Crystal Payroll integration

With our Crystal Payroll integration you can export your payroll information directly to Farm Focus from Crystal Payroll, making payday processing even simpler. Find out more »

Quick Matching screen

Quick matching

Now it's even quicker to match your transactions and invoices from the new Quick Matching screen. Select an invoice or a transaction and a list of suggested matches will be presented, allowing you to directly match each item without having to click into the details.
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compare quantities

Compare quantities

It's now easy to see your quantities (for example livestock or milk production) on line two in the Cashflow screen of your Working Plan.

Working plan - actuals only

Working plan - actuals only view

There is now the option to view actuals only in your working plan, instead of choosing a revision date.

Profit and loss report

Profit and loss report

A profit and loss report is now available within Farm Focus.

Tax Invoice Summary report

View individual invoices in the Tax Invoice Summary report

Now you can expand the client name field to view individual invoices in your Tax Invoice Summary report, making it easier to manage Aged Debtors.

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Add invoice date to transaction

Add an invoice date to a transaction

You can now add an invoice date to a completed transaction to allocate it to the correct financial year, helping to ensure accurate End of Financial Year reporting.

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EFS stock units by class

View stock units by class in EFS report

In the EFS report, opening and closing stock unit values are now listed by class (e.g. beef and sheep).

Hide operating surplus

Hide operating surplus in EFS report

Now you can choose to hide or display your operating surplus in the EFS report, making it easier to share financial information with your team or peers, without disclosing private information such as interest, rent or lease payments.

Management tags within livestock reconciliation

Now, you can assign management tags to opening livestock numbers across different areas of your business, providing a more accurate reflection of stock movements across your operations.

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Reporting Access

Reporting access

A new access level, "reporting access", allows a user to view, but not create, edit or delete data. Ideal for bankers and others who require read-only access to Farm Focus.

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Repeating invoice

Repeating invoices

You can now set up a repeating invoice so that a new invoice is generated according to a schedule (e.g. monthly).

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Customise your tax invoices

You can now add your farm business logo and customised messages to your tax invoices.

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Easily create invoice coding rules

It’s now simple to create and edit invoice coding rules from within the invoice form.

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Batch Payments

You can now export a single batch payment file from Cash Manager Focus to pay multiple invoices at once. This is available to customers of ANZ, BNZ, Rabobank, ASB and Westpac.
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Searching for completed transactions

Its now simple to find any completed bank transaction. From the Completed view you can search for transactions by the payment date, amount, or any other field.
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Sort coded lines in your GST return

You can now sort the coded items in your GST return by date, code, other party, description, amount or GST type, making it easier to find a particular transaction or review your GST return.
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Livestock Trading Report

If you’re a drystock farmer you can now report on the net production (kg/CW) per effective hectare of your farm business. Find out more »

Improvements to the Cashflow graph

Now you can see an indication of your overdraft limit and how your plan is tracking i.e. are your OD funds sufficient?

GST Direct Filing

You can now easily file your GST returns directly to IRD through a secure connection. Find out more »