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It’s all about Automation!

It’s all about Automation!

March 2021

With our nationwide Farm Focus Roadshows well underway, and Field Days scheduled, I’ve happily left the office and have been out meeting customers and suppliers from across the country.

There has been a great turnout, and catching up with customers I have known for years, as well as a host of new faces, reminds me why we’re here after 40 years of service delivery. Other companies have come and gone but we continue to support farmers with the farm specific planning tools you need to get the job done.

The current ‘buzz’ word is automation and feedback indicates customers really enjoy the benefits this latest development delivers.

Advances in on-line connectivity across the country provided us an opportunity to capitalise on how our customers use and store their business information. Farm Focus is the result and users can take advantage of new automated data capture processes which cuts time spent in the office.

Customers can send bills as PDF attachments directly to Farm Focus and coding rules will code each line for you. You can even select the bills you want to pay and send these directly to internet banking with only a handful of mouse clicks.

The source documents, which are automatically attached to the invoice and resulting payment, are then available for reference by you and your accountant without the need to search through that cumbersome ring binder.

We are currently working with Bank of New Zealand to sign off on new bank feed technology that will enable instant sign up and ensure bank transactions are securely delivered to your Farm Focus subscription every night. Because this is new technology getting it delivered has taken a long time but I’m confident we are nearly there!

Finally .. thanks to all who managed to get along to their local road show and for those who couldn’t make it, you can watch a recording here.

Regards, Brian