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Innovative solutions get the job done!

Innovative solutions get the job done!

October 2021

Image: Paul Sutherland Photography

Most of the country is now out of previous tight restrictions following the arrival of Delta, but many rural communities are continuing to feel the pinch with transport and shipping delays in getting goods in and produce out to overseas markets.

Supplies of imported machinery and parts, gate latches or fridges is dependent on whether the ship has arrived in port and there’s space to unload. We’ve moved to a model of hurry up and wait which is problematic at this busy time of the year.

We’re known as masters of creating solutions with our famous ‘No 8 wire’ reputation so getting through the current shortage of supplies is bound to involve some innovative solutions until supplies get through.

It’d be great to hear about any particularly clever substitutes for the real thing … such as the potato grower who repurposed a couple of old wire bed bases to grade his crop, and the old school bus in Northland which is now a mobile fruit shop. Job done!

– Brian