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Compare scenarios within a plan

Compare scenarios within a plan

When working in a plan you can compare to another scenario using line 2.

To use Line 2, click the Compare data icon in the top right corner of the plan, make your selection and apply.

The Comparison token at the top lets you know what you are viewing, and you can change the selection by clicking the token or remove the comparison by clicking the x.

This allows you to quickly

  • see if what you are planning is realistic and how it compares to last year’s actuals, your original Baseline plan or another draft scenario
  • compare actuals to a plan or a previous year’s actuals

(Tip- to view actuals only on line 1 click the Revision date token in the top left and select Actuals only)

  • view quantities (particularly handy for stock sale and purchase quantities, kgs of wool, shearing tallies and quantities of feed purchased or sold)
  • update line 1 with the benefit of the line 2 information

(Tip- Line 1 always remains your working line and you can make changes to line 1, whereas line 2 is a view only)

  • create or update a plan by using Copy line 2

When you have data on line 2 you can click on the line at category or extended code level and click Copy line 2. This will copy all planned data from line 2 to line 1. This can be a great way to build a plan, by starting with an empty plan and copying the data for lines that are relevant, or update a plan.

When you copy line 2 you get the option to consolidate items (for example if there are multiple lines coded to RM:F one month then these will be combined into one line for the total amount to keep the plan tidy. If, however you want to keep the multiple lines and detail you can untick this box).

(Tip- If you want to delete all planned events you can put a blank draft plan on line 2 and copy the blank line. This is particularly handy for livestock as Clear is not an option).

While line 2 is great for comparing the cashflow or livestock at a glance Farm Focus also has a great Variance report which provides dollar and quantity variances as well as percentage variance. The Trends report is also a great report to compare up to 5 years of actual data.